Aldie Real Estate Information

Part of Loudoun County, Aldie is located between Gilbert’s Corner and Middleburg and was first settled in 1765 when James and George Mercer established a mill in the area between Catoctin Mountain and Bull Run Mountain. This location was ideal for a mill as the Little River carved its way through the region and provided much needed power to turn the mill’s grinders. It wasn’t until 1818 and the completion of Ashby's Gap Turnpike and Snickersville Turnpike that people started moving to Aldie. At that point, a post office was created. Today, Aldie maintains that quaint, small-town feel because of its small population, limited resources, and distance from larger cities.

Found near the junction of Route 15 and Route 50, Aldie serves as a temporary rest stop between Leesburg and Manassas. It is also home to a number of historic shops and home. Additionally, the Aldie Mill, the only known gristmill surviving today in Virginia, is still maintained in Aldie and is powered by twin overshot water wheels that harness the energy of Little River. Besides the Aldie Mill, the historic district that surrounds it is still upkept today and sees a reasonable amount of visitors annually.

Due to the small size of the town, there is a limited amount of recreational areas in the vicinity. Mercer Park is the area’s primary park and hosts a number of neighborhood events throughout the year. The most popular Aldie event is the annual Harvest Festival held every October.

Due west of Washington Dulles International Airport, Aldie is relatively close to one of the nation’s largest transatlantic hubs. A number of international and domestic airlines operate hundreds of routes to dozens of destinations across the globe. Because of Aldie’s location, there is limited to no bus service through the town and railroad transportation isn’t available directly. However, this lack of through traffic adds to the charm of this quiet neighborhood, making it a truly relaxing escape from the modern world.