Bluemont Real Estate Information

Located in the Snickers Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountain, Bluemont is the highest location in the county at a mere 680 feet. Although the town was once named Snickersville, the area was renamed Bluemont in order to attract wealthy Washingtonians out to it when the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad was extended to the town from Round Hill. This influx of passengers and visitors to Bluemont helped to spur a growth that led the way to the area’s expansion and development.

Near Virginia’s northern border with Maryland, Bluemont is an interesting and dynamic place with an interesting blend of people. Situated at the junction of Route 7 and Route 734, Bluemont is ideally positioned as pit stop for travelers who are driving through the region. Although there is very little modern infrastructure in Bluemont, Mount Weather, an operations and training facility above ground for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been safely constructed in Bluemont and is ready to respond to any sort of disaster that could impact the country.

The Bluemont Fair is the biggest annual community event. In fact, it is so popular that it draws the entire community together for a series of days. Reminiscent of typical southern carnivals, the fair features a number of crowd pleasers, like juried crafters, a pickle and pie contest, a 10K race, and live popular music. Usually held on the third weekend of September, the Fair transforms the Bluemont Community Center into the fair’s main area, although the festivities are actually spread across the area.

In the spirit of the Bluemont community, proceeds go toward student scholarships, funding city maintenance, community beautification, and other neighborhood initiatives. A popular hangout for the local old folk is Stoneleigh Golf Club because of its shady trees, abundance of space, and affordable prices.