Broad Run Real Estate Information

Just north of Interstate 66 and State Route 55, the unincorporated community of Broad Run stands in Fauquier County. Named after a river of the same name that winds its way through the quaint town, Broad Run initially thrived on the increase of railroads and transportation through the area. However, this also meant that the bust of the railroad and steam engine led to a significant reduction in local commercial interests. Today, Broad Run serves its role as a quiet community supporting a number of people who enjoy the outdoors and nature.

The most notable historical site in the community is Chapman’s Mill, where the Battle of Thoroughfare Gap during the American Civil War was fought. One of the community’s most highly anticipated annual events is the Pearmund Cellars Celebration of Independence Day that is open to the entire population. Besides great food and drinks, residents are afforded the opportunity to mingle, exchange information, and grow close as a community. The exceptional public school district operates the Broad Run High School that was awarded the 2009 Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence. This achievement marks the progression of the school’s faculty, staff, and students in their commitment to learning and growth.

The small number of residents and the limited area of town space makes Broad Run one of the tiniest communities in the county. While this affords residents a more comfortable and personal daily experience, residents must often travel to neighboring communities just to have a restaurant dinner for special occasions. With Washington, DC being about an hour away, many residents find themselves in the middle of the nation’s capital more often than you would expect. As with commercial interests, the recreational facilities in Broad Run are also limited. However, most residents do not mind as the bike baths and jogging trails through the scenic backcountry accentuates the natural beauty of the community. Finally, the rather moderate weather during the summer months and bearable temperatures in the winter months allow residents to experience all four seasons without pain or hardship.