Dumfries Real Estate Information

Virginia's oldest chartered town, Dumfries is a charming place of just over 4,000 residents. Originally created to support a gristmill on Quantico Creek, Dumfries evolved into a substantial economic center with a customhouse and warehouse being constructed shortly thereafter. In fact, Dumfries’ strategic position in relation to both the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River has contributed to its success both past and present. Formerly established in 1732, the town’s name is derived from its founder’s birthplace, Dumfries, Scotland. Today, the Weems-Botts Museum keeps Dumfries’ rich history alive and is visited by hoards of visitors each year.

Just off of the I-95 and Route 1, Dumfries is easily reached from communities in the area. The massive Quantico Marine Corps Base is a minute or two south of Dumfries and is one of the most influential groups in the area and has thousands of personnel based in the region. This is especially good for Dumfries’ commercial interests that benefit from such traffic. Luckily, Dumfries is able to maintain is small town charm and quiet streets.

The sprawling Prince William Forest Park has a number of bike trails, nature hike, and campgrounds that are heavily used, especially on the weekends. Locust Shade Park, Fuller Heights Park, and Leesylvania State Park add to the area’s recreational offerings. A beautiful view across the bay to the east is a fun excursion because of the crystal blue water and interesting boats and ships that pass by. The Dumfries Spring Festival is one of the community’s highly-anticipated events because of the shear breadth of activities. The Town of Dumfries Fall Festival is a smaller but equally engaging event in October. Both festivals feature food, games, entertainment, and a full day of activities for the whole family. A history appreciation day is also a highlighted event and keeps the old town spirit of Dumfries alive.

The Dumfries area is served well with six elementary schools, a middle school, and Potomac High School. This arrangement is particularly convenient because most people are never farther than seven to eight minutes from an elementary school and usually within fifteen minutes from the middle and high school campuses.