Fairfax Station Real Estate Information

Situated south of the city of Fairfax, Fairfax Station is a charming community located at the junction of Route 123 and Route 7100. Fairfax Station itself gets its name from its original purpose – to serve as an outlying train depot for people and goods headed for Fairfax. However, different from its larger counterpart, Fairfax Station is dominated by a number of expensive homes, picturesque rolling hills, and lush forests. Because of the pristine and untouched nature of Fairfax Station, CNNmoney.com ranked it as one of the best places to retire. Cachet Magazine found the community to provide one of the best qualities of life relative to a number of other affluent neighborhoods.

The Fairfax County education system is exceptional and offers local residents with quality K-12 educations. Five elementary schools are located in Fairfax station and are paired with a unique secondary campus. Unlike traditional middle and high school arrangements, Fairfax Station’s students transition from elementary school into a secondary campus that offers classes for those pupils in grades 7-12.

A number of recreational hotspots are just a few minutes outside of interior Fairfax station. Popes Head Stream Valley Park, the Country Club of Fairfax, Country Club View Park, Poburn Woods Park, Lake Royal, and Burke Lake Park are among the more popular places. The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum is a popular attraction that draws thousands of visitors to the community each year.

Due to Fairfax Station’s rather limited size, most residents find it advantageous to run errands and shop in the nearby cities of Burke and Clifton. These communities are within a few minutes’ drive from the center of Fairfax Station. Ironically, Burke Centre Shopping Center is actually located just a few minutes from the middle of Fairfax Station. The shopping center is a perfect stop for shoppers’ dining, grocery, and health needs. George Mason University is situated just a few miles north of Fairfax Station. Not only does the school attract young students to the area but it also gives back to the surrounding areas by supporting a variety of initiatives and programs that Fairfax Station residents have come to love and expect.