Gainesville Real Estate Information

Boasting a population in excess of 13,000 people, Gainesville began as a changing point for stagecoach horses on the Fauquier and Alexandria Turnpike. The area wasn’t named until it was created as a station along the Manassas Gap Railroad. During these times as a major shipping center, Gainesville saw its share of grain, timber, and live cattle processed locally. The town’s claim to fame is its role in the American Civil War where foot soldiers marched to the First and Second battles of Bull Run through the Thoroughfare Gap in the nearby Bull Run Mountains. Residents are appreciative of the I-66 that runs just to the north of town because it provides a crucial link to the neighboring towns and cities. In fact, Manassas is only ten miles southeast and the nation’s capital is a simple 45-minute drive east.

The Gainesville Farmer's Market is a popular weekly event because of its fresh produce. The organic and tasty fruits and vegetables of local farmers are highly coveted by Gainesville residents who prefer to support the small farms instead of their large commercial counterparts. Besides typical holiday celebrations, the Gainesville community also joins in celebrating a number of artistic days. During the summer, an extensive recreational program is hosted by the Gainesville department of parks and recreation. Residents take advantage of the inexpensive and convenient programs throughout the summer break.

Stonewall Golf Club, Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club, and Virginia Oaks Golf Club are perfect for both the high-adrenaline and laid-back golfer. Boasting spectacular vistas and convenient schedules, it is not uncommon for Gainesville’s courses to be booked far in advance. However, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club is by far the most popular in the region and is located right in the middle of Gainesville. The Conway Robinson Memorial Forest is another popular stomping ground for residents, as is Lake Manassas, situated just to the south of Gainesville. The Manassas National Battle Park borders Gainesville, bringing in thousands of visitors into the small town economy each year.