Hamilton Real Estate Information

The quaint town of Hamilton has only 562 residents but still very much a part of Loudoun County’s vibrant culture. Although the area was inhabited by many different Native American tribes, the arrival of Europeans in the 1730s marked the expansion of Harmony, the first estate completed in the area. After Charles Bennett Hamilton built a country store in the region, the town’s name was changed to Hamilton to reflect his contribution. In the era of the railroad, the town was a major weekend getaway for Washingtonians but since the invention of the car, Hamilton has been reduced to a quiet residential community. Hamilton’s claim to fame is “The Harmony Skirmish” that took place on March 21, 1865 in the town between Union and Confederate forces.

Located along Route 7, Hamilton’s people can easily access a number of resources available nearby. Besides serving as the major gateway to and from town, Route 7 also hosts the annual Hamilton Day 5K Fun Run/Walk that attracts a number of participants from across Loudoun County and Virginia. Standard holidays are also a big deal for the tight knit Hamilton community. Residents enjoy each other’s company on special days, like July 4th, Thanksgiving, Easter, and the Holiday Season. It’s not uncommon for entire blocks of streets to be coned off for these events.

The closest major city is Leesburg, located 10 miles east of Hamilton. Although Natural Mercantile of Hamilton is Hamilton’s valued local country store and sells a wide range of daily necessities, most residents elect to travel to Leesburg for most of their major shopping several times a week. Because of the very limited amount of commercial interests in the town, the small-town feel and safety of Hamilton has made it a very attractive place for people to escape from the rigors of city life.