Haymarket Real Estate Information

Situated in northwest Prince William County, Haymarket and its 700 people enjoy quiet countryside living. Owing its present location to a former Indian hunting path, Haymarket was first created as a waypoint by settlers traveling from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas. Although the town was completely burned down in 1862 when Union troops lit fire to the area’s buildings during the American Civil War, the town has since been restored and a collection of quaint buildings and shops line Haymarket’s main street.

The entire town gets excited for Haymarket Day which is an annual community-wide event that includes games, arts and crafts, food, music, and even an extensive parade. Building on the town’s name, the weekly Farmer’s Market is another important event because not only does it support the local residents but also is filled with fresh fruit and produce. During the summer months, a weekly concert series draws large crowds on Saturday evenings for some nice music of varying genres under the stars.

The Haymarket Museum not only accurately captures the town’s past but also acts as a starting gate for hikers looking to reach a number of Civil War trails. Because of Haymarket’s very small size, residents must travel to nearby towns for shopping. The most convenient place is Manassas, a few miles southeast, because of its many shopping centers, including Manassas Mall and Bull Run Plaza.

The I-66 runs right past Haymarket and connects the town to a number of other towns and cities nearby. Manassas National Battle Park and the Stonewall Memorial Gardens are just three miles east and right off of the interstate. Gainesville, a minute or two south of town, has a number of commercial interests and recreational facilities that it shares with the people of Haymarket. The Stonewall Golf Club, Robert Trent Jones Golf Club, and Virginia Oaks Golf Club are all located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Manassas. The Conway-Robinson Memorial Forest is another popular receation spot. During the baseball season, the Haymarket Senators of the Valley Baseball League are a popular attraction.