Nokesville Real Estate information

Home to over 1,200 people, the town of Nokesville was once the center of farming, cattle ranching, and dairy production in Prince William County. At that time, the area was bustling with activity and eventually received train service from the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. However, those days have long since passed and Nokesville continues on as a charming rural community in northeastern Virginia. Route 28 connects Nokesville to the rest of Virginia, namely Bristow, about ten minutes up the road, and Manassas, another ten minutes north. The Manassas Regional Airport is only fifteen minutes away and offers a number of short-haul domestic flights to major airline hubs east of the Mississippi River.

Because of Nokesville’s proximity to larger towns and cities, most residents run errands and spend leisure time away from Nokesville and retreat to the town in the evenings. The Nissan Pavilion in Bristow is quite popular and features a number of big-name artists every month as it is one of the most famous musical venues on the east coast.

Nokesville Park is the town’s primary recreational park and hosts a variety of activities depending on the time of year. Some of the more popular events include Bluebell Festival, Nokesville Day, and an Arts & Crafts Day. There is also an annual Turkey/Oyster Dinner. During the summer months, a popular weekly Farmer’s Market is also organized. Because of the large number of stables and horse owners in Nokesville, the very popular and quite elite Nokesville Horse Society has become an even larger part of the community.

The Prince William County Public School District offers quality K-12 education in Nokesville. Interestingly, despite the town’s very small size, most students can attend class locally. The Nokesville Elementary School and Brentsville District High School are both based in Nokesville. Middle school students, however, must make the short commute to Bristow for grades 6 though 8.