Oakton Real Estate Information

Part of Fairfax County, Oakton has a population of just under 30,000 residents and is situated just north of the city of Fairfax. Ideally located along the I-66, the people of Oakton can commute into downtown Washington, DC quite easily. For this reason, the majority of the Oakton community works in metropolitan Washington, DC before retreating back to Oakton in the evening. A simple drive northwest on Route 50 will lead locals to the Washington-Dulles International Airport. Residents who travel often enjoy the convenient drive and accessible flights that add to the value of living in Oakton.

As a rather upscale neighborhood in the greater Washington region, Oakton hosts a number of country clubs and golf courses. Oak Marr Park Country Club and Penderbook Golf Club are two of the more popular courses. Tattersall Park, Oak Marr Park, Fox Vale Park, Ashlawn Park, Kemper Park, and Clarkes Landing Park are also located on the perimeter of Oakton and are relaxing escapes, especially during summer evenings when the sunset fills the skies with beautiful hues of orange and red. Many residents like to enjoy this special time of day while sitting alongside a number of small lakes that are situated just northwest of the center of Oakton. Fox Lake, Timber Lake, and a collection of many smaller lakes

Oakton Elementary School, Waples Mill Elementary School, and Henry David Thoreau Middle School are all located within Oakton. The city’s two high schools are actually built in nearby Vienna, James Madison High School and Oakton High School. The prestigious George Mason University is a few miles due south from Oakton. Although the university’s students don’t live in Oakton, a number of professors and professional staff at the school do indeed live in Oakton, making the community quite intellectual. Because of this, the standards in the local schools are above normal.

Because the number of shopping outlets and commercial areas in Oakton is very restricted, residents usually take advantage of nearby Fairfax, Chantilly, and Vienna, all of which host a wide range of stores and big-box retailers.