Paeonian Springs Real Estate Information

Established in 1890, the small town of Paeonian Springs is located at the intersection of State Route 9 and State Route 7. At one point in time, it was a bustling break stop along the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad. However, since the demise of the days of daily trains and busy depots, Paeonian Springs is a faint blip on the road maps of most Virginians. Once known as a popular summer retreat because of its spectacular Victorian houses, country cottages, gravel roads, and open spaces, not much has changed over the last decade. It is this subtle anonymity that keeps so many of the locals in Paeonian Springs. Today, only a single road sign marks the tiny village. Interestingly, almost the entire village is part of the Paeonian Springs Historic District.

Just outside of Leesburg, the residents of Paeonian Springs share a lot of the recreational facilities with the people of Leesburg. Morven Park, Douglass Community Center, Ida Lee Park, and Raspberry Falls Golf Club are all shared between the two cities due to their locations between the two areas. However, Paeonian Springs residents do have a course to call their own, Beacon Hill Golf Course.

Because Paeonian Springs is so small, the community enjoys gathering together for a variety of activities. Sports Mania, Fall Festival, a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Easter Egg Hunt, and Independence Day Celebration. Additionally, the village’s small size allows all residents to get to know one another. In fact, everyone’s birthday is celebrated via the town’s weekly village newsletter. It is this personal attention and strong sense of community that makes Paeonian Springs so distinct and desirable.