Round Hill Real Estate Information

A town of just over 600 people, Round Hill is placed at the crossroads of state Routes 7 and 719 about fifty miles from the center of Washington, DC. Originally created as the terminus of the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, Round Hill was designed to be an agricultural collection point where produce and products were accumulated and sent into markets via the train. Some of the town’s oldest buildings are the boarding houses, inns, and bars that served this original purpose. The town’s name is derived from a 910-foot circular hill that is two miles southwest of the town today. During the American Civil War, the hill was used as a signals post for both Union and Confederate troops.

Today, Round Hill is ideally located for residents looking to find a rural country experience as well as for visitors looking to visit a number of area attractions. Some of the area’s most noted places include Shenandoah River, the Shenandoah National Park, the Appalachian Trail, Harpers Ferry, and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Tow Path, all of which are within twelve miles from the center of Round Hill. As one of the first towns in the area, Round Hill has since been joined by a number of much newer towns and developments that have tried to imitate its style.

While no public schools are located within the town of Round Hill itself, Round Hill Elementary School is just a few minutes away, as is Loudoun Valley High School that is actually part of Purcellville. Unlike many other communities of its size, not only does Round Hill maintain its own fire department but it also administers its own water and sewage systems which minimizes the cost to residents.

Due to Round Hill’s size, most residents elect to do their shopping in Purcellville where more options and usually cheaper prices are available. The drive between Round Hill and Purcellville takes just a few minutes. However, Round Hill does have a vibrant Main Street that is cluttered with tiny shops and friendly family stores. A boardwalk that bisects the town is also a popular evening walk. Sleeter Lake, between Purcellville and Round Hill, is a popular recreational attraction that supplements a few neighborhood parks that adorn the town’s street corners.